Alena Krupetskova is an expert photographic artist, who was brought up in a normal family in Moscow, Russian Federation. While learning at school, she got keen on photography. Alena adored taking representation photos of her companions and pruned plants on the table. Later she moved on from the displaying school and in eighteen years Alena understood that photography is something she’s keen on. It was a genuine joy for us to take a meeting with Alena Krupetskova and get familiar with some fascinating realities of her memoir. We wish you a charming perusing and review of Alena Krupetskova photography.


Alena: My energy in photography started with the acquisition of a section level advanced camera. I explicitly picked the camera with customizable screen speed and opening settings. Attempting to shoot with regular light, I understood that I need to control the lighting. In the wake of getting some recommendation from rehearsing photographic artists, I chose to purchase a standard halogen spotlight as a financial plan rendition of lighting. Then, at that point, I welcomed several hopeful models for photosessions. And keeping in mind that taking representations of models I was drawn in by the amount very much the same individual could be unique, contingent upon the make-up, hair style and lighting. I found the endless world whose maker is photographic artist.


Alena: I’m very grateful to my family for their support at the beginning of the way, especially my mother, who instilled in me the desire to be a winner.

Alena, thank you very much for giving us such wonderful interview and sharing your inspired life story. We wish you brilliant success, stay motivated and always achieve your goals in any aspects of your life. To learn more about Alena Krupetskova photography, please visit her personal website.

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